The Sumner Residents’ Association (SRA) had proudly served the Sumner community since early 1900s.

The Sumner Community Group (SCG) formed post February Earthquake in 2012.

The SRA and the SCG merged to become the Sumner Community Residents Association (SCRA) at the Annual General Meeting in 2012. 


What we stand for


The Sumner Community Residents’ Association is committed to a vision of Sumner as a unique seaside community that is lively, resilient and prosperous.

The Sumner Community Residents’ Association will act as a conduit for the community and external stakeholders and also supports and enable the aspirations of the community to achieve this vision.


  • To promote neighbourhood wellbeing in the area.
  • To foster the growth of community spirit by encouraging and facilitating local groups participating in social, recreational, educational, cultural, and other activities.
  • To act as an umbrella organisation for community groups for funding, banking and administration.
  • To act as an inpartial conduit for the community.
  • To encourage and, where appropriate, facilitate effective community consultation.
  • To encourage community representation on relevant external bodies.
  • To provide a community hub.
  • To carry out any activity which is deemed by the committee to be of benefit to the Sumner community.


  • To provide free access to internet, hot desk and laptops at the community hub.
  • To maintain a community website that promotes /advertises / informs the local community.
  • To provide a van for community use.
  • To maintain a community noticeboard that promotes / advertises / informs the local community.
  • To produce and distribute newsletters.
  • To employ a Community Development Officer to assist in achieving the aims and objectives of the SCRA.

The people involved

The Committee of the Association comprises a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and committee members.  The Committee is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, which is well advertised in advance.

Management Committee since 3 November 2015 AGM



  • Nikki Wallace-Bell
  • Mark Wallace-Bell
  • Shirley Marshall
  • Kirsten Wyllie


Chris Rossiter (Roading)

Darren Wright (Advisor)

Richard Lang (Legal) Duncan Cotterill·

Rob Laidlaw (IT) Arise Business Solutions

Staff/Self Employed Contractor

The Sumner Hub is run by various volunteers and a self employed contractor who is employed by the Sumner Community Residents' Association.

Self Employed Contractor:

Honorary Member

  • Topsy Rule

Rules (Constitution):

Rules of the Sumner Community Residents Association


For further information regarding SCRA finacials, email

The SCRA is a member of:


SCRA is a registered charity, reference number CC52852. A tax rebate can be claimed on donations. If you make a donation to SCRA and need a receipt, please contact the Secretary ( 

Community Van bank account: ASB 12 3483 0001983 03

Bank account for general funds and donations: ASB 12 3483 0001983 00


Auditor: Christchurch Community Accounting (Harald Breiding-Buss - Master of Science; New Zealand Diploma in Business (Accounting Technician) and Diploma in Accounting.

Financial Year End: 30 June 

Register of Incorporated Society #: 1259307