Safe Community

How can we make Sumner a Safe Community?

Street coordinators play a vital role in communities by sharing important information and offering support.   Each street coordinator will be supported by area and regional coordinators who filters relevant safety and important information that relates to the Sumner area.  Residents can consult with their street coordinators to discuss concerns during the recovery after a disaster and safety issues.

What is required of the street coordinator?

Become a Street Coordinator flyer

  1. Make Contact Contact Marnie Kent on 326 4144 who is your local Neighbourhood Support Co-ordinator to find out when the next information session. Note down the street numbers of households you may wish to coordinate.
  2. Find Members Contact Dave Wilkinson on (03) 420 9944 who is the regional Neighbourhood Support Manger and arrange a suitable time, date and place for the initial meeting with your neighbours. Fill out the “join our group” flyer. Deliver the flyer either face to face or drop into their letterbox.
  3. First Group Meeting Dave will give a presentation to the group. The group will elect a Contact Person and Deputies. The group will be assisted with a login to the database. Go online to: Dave will organise a Neigbourhood Support sign to be placed in your street. Dave will provide you with stickers.
  4. Follow Up Assist those who did not attend the meeting or who don’t have a computer. Distribute copies of the Contact List of Members to the Group. The information on this list must remain confidential. Set up a contact list/communication system (“phone tree”) Plan to meet again. Try to get together socially at least once a year - perhaps in November during Neighbourhood Week.

How much time is required of the street coordinator?

  • Initial set - up to 2 hours
  • Enter info onto spreadsheet and distribute – up to 1 hour
  • Meet group at meeting – 1 hour
  • Erect signs and distribute stickers – 1 hour
  • Civil Defence training (optional & free) – 4 hours
  • First Aid training (optional & free) – 8 hours
  • Annual communication with group / Marnie & Terry – 10 to 15 hours
  • Annual get together including prep – 3 hours
  • Arrange future meetings (if required) including an annual ‘get together’ eg. street barbeques, pot luck luncheons/dinners, kite flying day, dessert evening, morning/afternoon teas, pizza parties, games in the park, street garage sale, gifting balloons and chocolates to neighbours and street clean-up days. Set up an annual neigbourhood event

What is available to you as a street coordinator (optional)?

  • Civil Defence Emergency Management training for 2hrs per evening per month. (optional) Contact Henry Jaiswal on or 021 188 6060
  • Police check as an assurance to your neighbours that you are a safe person to give their details to. (Optional)

Join directly online or come to an information session

Details of next information session

Which Streets are Covered?

We have had a positive response from our community. Find out if your street has been covered:

See which streets are covered on google maps

If the houses around your home are not listed under your street name, and you'd like to offer to help out or become a street coordinator, please email or contact Marnie Kent on 326 4144

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