Natupathic Consultatios

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Are you in need of support to make health changes and relieve symptoms?
Jordana Alba offers Naturopathic Consultations to assist you on your health and wellbeing.

What is Naturopathy?
A patient-centred, safe and effective form of complementary and evidence-based medicine. Naturopathy uses nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle adjustments as forms of treatments.

How does the consultation work?
The consultation is 60 minutes long and takes place in Sumner. A thorough health history is taken, including questions about your health concerns, goals, and your medical history, diet, lifestyle and family health. You get a comprehensive Naturopathic Treatment Plan that contains goals and information on how to improve your health according to your needs and goals, this plan is unique to your needs.

Once you have booked your consultation, a link will be sent to your email containing a consent form and a dietary intake form for you to complete prior the consultation. The document is essential to be completed as Jordana uses it in preparation for the consultation.

During the consultation, Jordana will book a time to present your Naturopathic Plan. The Naturopathic Plan Presentation is a free mini appointment which takes about 20 minutes, and takes place a week after the initial consultation.

$125 *Any herbal formulation and/or supplementation prescribed are extra costs.