Sumner Lyttelton Corridor - geotechnical risk mitigation works, fencing consultation

Posted on 9th August 16



4 August 2016

Dear submitter

Sumner Lyttelton Corridor - geotechnical risk mitigation works, fencing consultation

Thank you for making a submission on the above project. All responses have now been analysed and the project team have made a decision on the type of security fencing to be installed.

The decision is to go ahead with:

· Option one – pool style fencing.

Consultation feedback

All submissions (excluding names/addresses of submitters), along with the project team responses to each submission are available to view online at

If you are unable to access this information online please contact me and I will arrange for a printed copy to be posted to you instead.

Summary of feedback

During the consultation period 145 submissions were received, including a group submission from the Redcliffs Residents' Association and the Sumner Community Residents' Association. Of these submissions 86 indicated "yes I/we generally support option one – pool style security fencing".

There were 43 submissions who indicated “yes – I/We generally support option two – mesh security fencing.

Option Type Yes I/We generally support

Option one – pool style security fencing 86 (59%

Option two – mesh security fencing 43 (30%

There were also 6 submissions that supported both options and 10 submissions that did not indicate which option they would prefer.

Additional feedback from the consultation process

During the consultation, there were some concerns raised about the height of the security fencing being proposed for this project. The Council's top priority in its land stability work in the Port Hills and in reinstating the Sumner Lyttelton Corridor is protecting life. Lives were lost in these areas from rockfall and cliff collapse in the February 2011 Earthquake.

Many of the decisions relating to this project have been made for technical and safety reasons by specialists who are qualified to make them. The fence height is one such decision. The sole purpose of the fencing is to secure the area and prevent people going into the hazard zones behind the mitigation works. So the fencing needs to be high enough to clearly deter teenagers and adults from climbing over the fence, and it is our strong belief that anything lower than 2 metres will not serve this purpose. Working to our duty of care, and health and safety regulations, we are not prepared to compromise safety for aesthetics.

We appreciate that residents have concerns over aesthetics of the fence, and we have consulted extensively over the style of fencing that will be used, working within the constraints of styles that are not easy to climb, and offering some transparency so people can see behind the fencing for CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design).

Further information

If you have any questions about the Sumner Lyttelton Corridor - geotechnical risk mitigation works project, or would like more information please contact me on (03) 941 5938 or or you can visit the project web page at

Yours sincerely

Tara King

Consultation Leader

Public Information and Participation Unit

DDI 941 5938