Peer Review of the Coastal Hazard Assessment Report

Posted on 9th April 16

Peer Review of the Coastal Hazard Assessment Report (Tonkin & Taylor 2015)


Thank-you for coming to the community meeting held on March 31 or April 4.  If you were not able to come to the meeting hopefully this email will help provide background that will enable you to get involved.


Thank-you also if you have already provided questions or feedback.  We have received a good number of questions already from residents for the Peer Review Panel to respond too. 


Since the original letter was sent to residents from Council’s database on March 21, GHD has now been given autonomy and independence to work with community representatives to put in place a more appropriate timeframe and approach for your input. 


We wanted to let you know how this is shaping up, including where you can find additional information on the process, timeframes and on ways to get involved. 


Our aim is to give you the time to identify questions that you may want answered about the report.  It is also our intention to move the process forward as we are aware  that many residents want to move onto discussing solutions and next steps once the report has been reviewed.  


With this in mind the date for your feedback into the terms of reference is Wednesday 13 April.  Your feedback is important, if you would like more time then please let us know.


This is not the last opportunity you will have to get involved.  A Community Reference Group is in the process of being established. The Community Reference Group will include key individuals from New Brighton, South Brighton, Sumner, Diamond Harbour and Akaroa.  This group will work with GHD to develop the Terms of Reference to go to the expert peer review panel.  You can nominate representatives for this group and you will be able liaise with representatives from your area once this group has been confirmed.   From around May 22 you will also be able to provide feedback to your Councillor where the Terms of Reference will be discussed at their meeting on May 26.  These are dates that GHD will be working towards in collaboration with the Community Reference Group, so they are subject to change. 


All of this information is now available on, where you can find information on the process, frequently asked questions and examples of questions that have already been submitted.   


Finally, this email has only been sent to those who have provided us with an email address.  Please don’t hesitate to forward it to any resident who you believe would benefit having access to this information. 


We appreciate the time you have already taken and we look forward to receiving your questions and feedback.


Kind Regards


Maurice Hoban

GHD Limited