Oya - Reiki and Massage therapy

Beauty & Natural Therapy


After a year living in Clifton, I am delighted to have the opportunity to offer my services to the Sumner community. 

You can come and find me at the Back Door Spa every Thursday afternoon for Reiki or Massage Therapy. 

I’ve always been passionate about the human body and its self healing capabilities. I started to train as a physiotherapist in Spain and worked several years as a physiotherapist specialized in physiological chains and chronic pain in France.

Then I realized that I wanted to deepen my knowledge and broaden out my practice.  I searched for different approaches and found that some holistic technics were resonating more with the way I wanted to help. My main purpose is to empower people. I want you to reconnect with your own body. I believe this is the best way to achieve natural recovery with long term benefits.

Living in an open-minded country like New Zealand where I am not able to practice physiotherapy has been a beautiful challenge and helped me rethink how I wanted to support people. Now, I can combine all my knowledge to provide you the most appropriate service.

I invite you to browse my website for more informations.