Graffiti Cleanup Group




Volunteers are critical to the success of keeping Sumner free of graffiti and creating a safe community.  The Graffiti Clean Up Group has registered with the CCC Graffiti Programme to help combat graffiti in Sumner.  The group is run by volunteers and needs more people to join.  Can you help?

How to report graffiti in Sumner

  1. Sumner Hub and give a description of where the graffiti is.
  2. CCC graffiti team on 941 8666 or go report online.
  3. If you see someone in the act of graffiting, call the police on 111 immediately.
  4. Reporting graffiti on Telecom, Orcon, Telstra Clear or Corus boxes on the street. Contact these organisations and give the nearest address to the effected street box.
  • Telstra clear - 0508 606 606 or
  • Chorus - 0800 222 638.  (Cabinets are coated in a special paint to facilitate graffiti removal.)
  • Orion - 363 9898 or (advise description of network asset and either adjacent street address or an easily recognisable landmark nearby).
  • Telecom -

How to register to join the next working bee in Sumner to remove graffiti

Contac the Sumner Hub.  An introductory is required on the day before you embark on removing graffiti.  Paint and supplies are provided.