Fuse Youth Centre



The Fuse Youth Centre was started in 2001 by the Shoreline Youth Trust and has developed into a vibrant, multi-faceted space that exists to work with local youth to provide programmes, events and services for the young people of our community.
Our mission statement is:
  • To encourage young people to fully realise their potential.
Our main objectives include:
  • To assist in the positive development of a youth community and to be committed to supporting and nurturing the needs of individuals.
  • To provide events and facilities for young people, particularly in the Sumner/Redcliffs/Mt Pleasant area, which are relevant to their needs.
  • To link in with interested community groups.
  • To build healthy relationships with and between our community’s youth.
  • To ensure that all work of the Trust is accountable and transparent in nature.
  • To demonstrate Christian principles in all of Fuse’s activities and maintain relationships with the Christian Churches in the community.
We aim to achieve these goals throughout all of our projects/programmes:
  • Fuse Youth Centre, which focuses on maintaining our community centre to be available for and tailored towards young people.
  • Van Asch which is concerned with connecting with youth from the Van Asch Deaf Education Centre, and Deaf youth in our city and helping them to integrate with the wider community.
  • In-Schools designed to engage with the young people of our community by being present in the local schools during lunch breaks and providing activities and offering support to staff where it is needed.
  • Holiday Programmes which seeks to run four week long holiday programmes annually, which are tailored specifically for intermediate aged young people.
Out of these projects we run the following weekly programmes:
  • Van Asch Programme – Tuesday 3.30pm-5.30pm: A special programme which has run for 11 years during which we link with Deaf students from the Van Asch Deaf Education Centre. Connections made during this time are an excellent platform for integrating Deaf students into our other regular programmes and into the Sumner Community.
  • Girls Programme – Wednesday 3 – 5pm: An opportunity for intermediate aged girls to meet together to interact with our female youth workers – aimed at creating strong relationships and encouraging positive development in the areas of self-esteem, resilience and self-worth.
  • Guys Programme – Thursday 3 – 5pm: A programme for intermediate aged guys to connect, develop relationships and enjoy a range of different activities.
  • Fuse Youth Centre – Friday 3 – 6pm (Year 7 & 8): A programme for intermediate students to meet from a variety of different schools and connect.
  • Fuse Youth Centre – Friday 6 – 9pm – (Year 9 & 13): A programme for High School students, allowing them to connect with friends who attend different high schools city wide.
In addition to these programmes we run big events each term including band nights, movie nights, UV Disco’s, Talent Quests, Big Night Out, Outdoor movies, gaming nights and off-site activities throughout the year, as well as our ever popular annual camp.