Advertise on the Sumner Community Noticeboard

(beside Bohemian Bakery)

Business Cards Business card advertising $30 for 6 months.  Procedure: Drop into the Sumner Hub with your business cards and either pay on the spot or pay by internet banking (invoice provided).

pinboard Pin Board advertising is free and is only for events held in Sumner.  Procedure: take your event advert to the Sumner Hub for a staff member to pin onto the noticeboard.

White cards White cards $2 for 6 weeks.  Procedure: Place $2 into the black dropbox, then take white card from black dropbox, write your card and place onto the noticeboard.

Booklets Brochures are displayed by the Sumner Hub and are only for information on Health and Wellbeing and local organisations (not businesses). 


Advertise at the Sumner Hub

Free for all Inside foyer free advertising.  Procedure: drop your advert into the Sumner Hub to pin up for you.

Hub pinboard Pinboard is for advertsing events and important information.  Procedure: drop your advert off at the Sumner Hub to pin up for you.

whiteboards Whiteboards are for "Accommodation Available/Wanted", "Lost & Found" + "General".  All items listed on the Sumner Hub website Noticeboard will also be handwritten on the whiteboards by hub staff.


Advertise on the Sumner Van

van Sumner Van  - we are in the process of updating our van advertising, get in touch via if you are interested in sponsorship 

Advertise in the Sumner Newsletter

Advertise your business in the next Sumner newsletter

  • A4 (whole page - portrait) 295mm x 210mm $800
  • A5 (half A4 portrait or landscape) 150mm x 210mm $400
  • A6 (1/4 of A4 portrait or landscape) 105mm x 150mm $200
  • A7 (1/2 of A6 portrait or landscape) 105mm x 75mm $100
  • A8 (1/2 of A7 portrait or landscape) 75mm x 50mm $50

Funds raised go towards printing costs of this newsletter. Contact:


Advertise in the Sumner e-Newsletter

Advertise your business in the next Sumner e-Newsletter emailed out weekly.  Contact: